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Senior Honors


The senior with the highest class GPA shall have the honor of being named class valedictorian; the senior with the second highes GPA is named the class salutatorian.  Determination of class valedictorian and salutatorian shall be done after the fourth nine weeks grading period of the senior year.


Outstanding seniors who have excelled in academics and other areas are honored at the Academic Awards Day Program held each spring in the Albemarle High School auditorium.  A variety of honors and scholarships are programs have the opportunity of applying for numerous locally-sponsored scholarships.  These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic strength and other criteria determined by the sponsoring organization.  The Guidance department has applications for these honors and assists students with applying for these awards.  The Honors Committee has a part in the nomination and selection of some of the recipients, other recipients are chosen solely by the sponsoring organization.