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Honor Code

We, the faculty, administrators, and Student Council representatives of Albemarle High School, encourage all students to achieve at the highest level of their abilities with academic honesty and personal integrity. Students should cultivate a positive attitude toward learning, derive pleasure from the discovery of new ideas and concepts, and strive to gain the best education they can. In the words of Thomas Paine, "What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly."

The AHS Academic Honor Code has been created to establish a common understanding among staff, students, and parents as to what constitutes academic dishonesty. The penalties are intended to promote growth in character and not simply to punish students.

To promote academic honesty, we encourage a sense of fair play with credit sought only when it is deserved. The AHS Honor Code serves as a guide to uphold academic honesty.

To promote personal integrity, we remind students of the proverb, "A good name is sooner lost than won." Treasure your reputation. It is easier to maintain a good one than it is to regain a lost one.

Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to:

Wrongfully using the ideas or work of another person.

Examples include: 
*Giving unauthorized aid or receiving aid from another person on homework, assignments, papers, quizzes, tests, AR tests, or exams;
*Plagiarizing or trying to cut and paste information from an Internet source without giving credit; 
*Getting or giving advance information about quizzes, tests, or exams from others; 
*Accessing, deleting, modifying, or transferring any unauthorized computerized files. 
Using or consulting unauthorized materials or devices on papers, quizzes, tests, or exams. 
Using any portion of a paper or project to fulfill the requirements of more than one course, unless given permission to do so.
Being untruthful about any of the above.

Resources include: 
The Center for Academic Integrity, Duke University
Triton Regional High School, Runnemede, NJ Honor Code
Chapel Hill High School, Chapel Hill, NC Honor Code
Langley High School, McLean, VA Honor Code

Student Responsibilities:
1. Avoid situations that contribute to cheating, plagiarizing, etc.
2. Avoid unauthorized assistance on all schoolwork.
3. Document any sources used.
4. Confront students suspected of having committed an honor offense and encourage them to turn themselves in.
5. Consult with faculty if unsure of what academic dishonesty might include.
6. Maintain confidentiality about quizzes, tests, and exams until all have been taken.
7. Refrain from copying or working with others on homework unless authorized by teacher.
8. Students will sign the AHS Honor Code at the beginning of each academic year and may be asked periodically to sign honor code statements.

Faculty Responsibilities:
1. Make your policies and expectations known to students at all times, especially at the beginning of each semester. Be specific.
2. Identify to students clearly what materials or aids may be used for assignments.
3. Be fair to all students. 
4. Maintain constant monitoring and supervision during tests and other assignments.
5. Confront students suspected of cheating in a respectful manner and explain the consequences.
6. Report all instances of cheating immediately to the office for written documentation.
7. Record a zero on any assignment on which a student has cheated. 
8. Contact parent(s) and administration.

Administrator Responsibilities: 
1. Support the Honor Code by acting on any case of suspected cheating in a quick manner as outlined in the AHS Discipline Code.
2. Assure that all faculty, students, and parents understand the Honor Code and its consequences.
3. Encourage all to adhere to the AHS Honor Code.
4. Support faculty in cases where academic dishonesty has been cited.
5. Create a school-wide environment that supports honor and integrity.
6. Maintain record keeping to document any violations of the honor code.

Parent Responsibilities:
1. Reinforce strong, moral values to your child.
2. Resist pressuring your child to succeed at any cost.
3. Be sure your child is doing homework. 
4. Be aware of the AHS Honor Code and support its standards.
5. Support faculty and administration in enforcing the Honor Code.
6. Encourage your child to practice academic integrity and honesty at AHS by signing the AHS Academic Honor Code along with your child.